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The Gritti Epicurean School
Learn exceptional Venetian recipes, discover seasonal products from the Venetian lagoon and savour the culinary creations of Executive Chef Alberto Fol. An indigenous culinary experience awaits in Venice, featuring demonstration classes and visits to the markets, themed courses and indulgent ingredients.
Opening Hours
9.30 AM TO 8.30 PM
Executive Chef Alberto Fol

Executive Chef Alberto Fol

The Executive Chef Alberto Fol displays a love of his Venice's culinary heritage in his award-winning dishes. A man of countless innovations and enormous vision, the Executive Chef's motto is: "To combine without ever covering up". This means the singular flavors of the fish, meat or vegetables are presented with condiments and sauces surrounding them so guests can choose to merge them as they wish.
The Gritti Epicurean School
The Gritti Epicurean School
Cooking Classes
At The Gritti Epicurean School, the Executive Chef Alberto Fol shares his secrets to the preparation of a selection of dishes that use only the finest of local and seasonal ingredients. Courses range from half-day to more intensive programs which allow for a more in-depth look at various aspects of food preparation. Each course may cater to up to eight participants (min. two participants). Guests of The Gritti Palace and non-resident guests are welcome.
Wine Tastings

Join us for exclusive wine tastings led by Head Sommelier Sandro Chinellato. Improve your knowledge about different wine regions and taste some of Italy's finest wines. 

Choose to try wines from The Italian Iconic Bubbles, Le Tre Venezia Collection, Italian Selection & Vintage or Amarone Vertical tasting.

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