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Wine Tastings

Join us for exclusive wine tastings led by Head Sommelier Sandro Chinellato. Improve your knowledge about different wine regions and taste some of Italy's finest wines.
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Le Tre Venezie Collection
Explore the differences between the exceptional wines of the historical region of Triveneto, comprising the North-Eastern area of the Italian peninsula. Each tasting focuses only on whites or reds, enabling participants to better understand their shared characteristics and differences.
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Amarone Vertical Tasting 
A tasting of multiple years of Amarone della Valpolicella, whose aim is to make guests aware of the importance of the year as an element that strongly affects the characteristics of the wine.
The Gritti Epicurean School Wine Tastings Venice
Italian Selection & Vintage
An opportunity for participants to taste less renowned yet very high quality wine varieties, thus experiencing the countless facets of Italian wines.
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The Italian Iconic Bubbles 
A tasting of sparkling wines which gives participants a deeper insight into Italian products while exploring their different characteristics.
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