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Chef stirring ingredients in a pan
Chef preparing rice in the kitchen
- The Gritti Epicurean School

Executive Chef Daniele Turco

Executive Chef Daniele Turco displays a love of his Venice's culinary heritage in his award-winning dishes. A man of countless innovations and enormous vision, Chef Turco’s motto is: “To combine without ever covering up”. This means the singular flavors of the fish, meat or vegetables are presented with condiments and sauces surrounding them so guests can choose to merge them as they wish.
Chef'S Table
Interior of kitchen with pots and pans
- The Gritti Epicurean School

Head Sommelier Sandro Chinellato

Head Sommelier of The Gritti Palace since 2017, Sandro Chinellato started his career in 2012 in the south of France and worked with Michelin star chefs Alain Ducasse, Nicolas Sale,and Laurent Lemal. Years of experience in luxury restaurants in France have given him a profound knowledge of Italian, French and international wines. Sandro has a talent for unveiling the identity of every wine, and boasts an exceptional creativity in pairing wines, particularly by the glass. "The world of wine is beautiful because of its different varieties. One needs an open mind to discover and appreciate its allure and multiple facets.“ - Sandro Chinellato
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